Carpet and Hard Floor Care Programs

ACE performs major Construction Cleans for several of the largest builders in Arizona. We have conducted cleans for major and minor projects throughout the Valley with the distinction of being FAST responding, arriving with a full compliment of crew members and possessing the proper equipment for all situations. We provide Rough Cleans and/or Final Cleans (detailed cleaning ceiling to floor)

Green Cleaning

Our Green Pursuit of Excellence
-Assist you in LEED Certification
-Develop a Healthy High Performance cleaning program for your building.
-Include proper Green Chemicals and Green Equipment for the cleaning of your building
-Provide you with a Green Trained Staff

Janitorial Cleaning

We have provided successful commercial cleaning services to our clients due to a finely tuned Operations Department that has honed a rapid resolution plan for our buildings through vast experience over the past 32 years. 98% of our cleaning staff is full-time, our teams clean for a profession not a part-time endeavor.