The intent of Ace Building Maintenance’s Green Cleaning Program is to minimize exposure of building occupants and maintenance personnel to potentially hazardous chemical, biological and particle contaminants which may adversely impact air quality, health, building finishes and systems, and the environment. Additionally, the use of Green Products results in a balance between cost and quality of the managed systems to provide a sustainable approach to cleaning and janitorial maintenance.

Ace Building Maintenance uses a Healthy, High Performance Green Cleaning Program to optimize product selection, apply best practices and support customer sustainability initiatives. Understanding the importance of using environmentally friendly products, Ace Building Maintenance has included the use of Green Seal Certified chemicals, color coded microfiber cloths and CRI approved vacuums and equipment.

Green Cleaning begins with selecting the proper chemicals, equipment, paper and supplies that have the least possible impact on the environment while cleaning effectively and efficiently. In addition, these products must be safe for the people using them as well as the occupants and visitors to your facility.

Green cleaning is much more than simply using natural soaps and products in the cleaning process. A simple definition might be “cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.” Ace will demonstrate its commitment to its clients and to its staff by providing best in class training, unsurpassed in the industry.

The Ace Green Cleaning Program must be adapted to the unique needs of each client. Ace provides the proper staffing, procedures, training and monitoring to meet those needs. Ace’s goal is to provide cost-neutral Green Cleaning Programs to all of our customers. Our commitment is towards improving workplace health while being environmentally responsible. We believe that offering our client’s a comprehensive approach results in the most responsible commitment we can make to providing a Green Cleaning solution.