ACE Building Maintenance Company

The Company was purchased by Robert Lindner in 1979. Mr. Lindner first operated the business with 16 part time employees. He grew the business and added noteworthy accounts such as major banks, electronic firms, multi-tenant office buildings and partnered with several large property management firms.

In 2009, the our Company outgrew its former location on 51st Avenue & Northern in Glendale and purchased our current 8,000 sq ft corporate headquarters located at 7020 N 55th Avenue in Glendale, Arizona to better facilitate daily operations of our quickly expanding firm.

Today in 2020, Ace Building Maintenance Company is celebrating our 45th. Ace has the distinction of serving over 100 of the largest property management firms in Arizona.

Our company has consistently been listed as one of the top 10 leading Arizona facility maintenance firms in volume of square footage cleaned 17.5 million sq ft cleaned every night.

The industry publication, Ranking the Best of Arizona Business, annually ranks ACE as one of the top firms in Arizona and has rated ACE among the 3 finest janitorial firms from 2011 through 2020.

Ace Building Maintenance is a Female Majority Owned Company with Christine Lindner, a 25 year company veteran serving as President.